Strong Employee Passwords, Lower Liability

By Justin Porter

Data breaches cost companies an average of $225 per compromised record. Poor password management causes almost 25% of all data breaches, take a serious look at your companies password practices.


How secure is your password?

We realize that passwords are inherently a pain. Here at Text Connects, we hear it almost daily - "why do I have to change my password again?" / "Can you make my password policy easier?" Let's examine how long it could take a potential hacker to "guess" your password.

 Password Time to Guess (hours:min:sec)
password 00:01:13
123456 00:00:001
Mustang 00:06:02
Mustang2017 00:22:00
3_s4CDDsRPtwLkWM 143 Billion Years
cheek20Pfizer18appended 648 Quintillion Years


Notice how even a simple string of words together can take over 600 Quintillion years! (Note: 1 Quintillion year = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 years). 

Password Reuse

Another common problem we run into is people using the exact same password everywhere. We realize that it is hard remembering your password to a website you go to once every 2 years, but you need to be extra careful with re-using your passwords. Why? Well, data breaches happen all the time: Linked In (2012), Adobe (2013), Yahoo and Sony, and many more.


What can you do?

Today, the internet is full of password managers. These applications manage your account passwords securely and efficiently. Good password managers never transmit your passwords over the internet - and they decrypt the passwords locally on your computer. The other benefit of a password manager is... the ability to have a different strong password for each and every website/service you use.

Our Recommended Password Managers

As for every software platform Text Connects recommends, we test each application out for months. Here are our favorites (in no particular order).




Other ways to secure your accounts

Websites and applications are beginning to use a system called Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). The idea behind 2FA is to prevent unauthorized access, even if a hacker guesses your password. With 2FA, you login to your account like always - using a email address and password - after you successfully login, the system will do one of three things; send you a temporary code via text, generate a code in their app, or have an app on your phone ask you to authorize the login. 

Here at Text Connects we use 2FA on every service that supports it. Our customers rely on us securely storing sensitive data - so we believe that using Two-Factor Authentication is important towards that goal. 



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