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Website Performance
Website Performance


Like a car, you want your website running at its best. Maybe you haven't paid much attention to the website, or maybe you added a new image that seems to make the website run really slow. Text Connects has helped many websites with performance issues. Look at the performance chart . It shows just how much faster a website loads after we have worked on it*.

Our Method

When a new customer approaches us about working on their website we gather as much information as we can. Everything matters when it comes to the performance of your website. Sometimes increasing your website's speed and performance requires upgrading your web hosting to a better plan. Even if $5/month for web hosting sounds great — you get what you pay for. Cheap web hosts tend to pile a bunch of websites onto one server, meaning if one website suddenly takes all the server resources - your website suffers.

If your website runs on WordPress (about 74 Million), there are many places where your website could be poorly performing. We have built tools that allow our engineers to analyze and find the problematic areas of your WordPress site.