Managed Networks

New Network Rack


The backbone of any company is their network. While it doesn't look sexy or seem to serve an important purpose, it is the central nervous system of your company's devices. A poorly designed and managed network will slow down your productivity and generate frustration. Text Connects has helped upgrade networks across the US.

Firewalls / Routers

Depending on your networks needs, we assess and design a network that is secure and fast. A firewall is typically your companies first line of defense and can impact your internet speeds. Most firewall/routers purchased at local big box stores are not built for 24x7 operation and usually have a limited warranty.

Common Features of the Firewall / Routers we provide:

  • Next Business Day Replacement
  • Web Usage Reporting and Filtering
  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS)
  • Application Forwarding, while still providing IPS
Meraki Firewall


Network Switches

Network Switching

Moving data between computers or between computers and the internet requires skills best suited for a switch. These workhorses of your network are able to route connections between multiple devices without any loss of speed. Most cheap switches just do basic routing, while advanced switches can: monitor connection status of each device, handle more connections, and even determine if there are wiring issues with the cables connecting devices.

Wireless Backhaul

Wireless backhaul used to be cost-restrictive, lately, the prices have come down enough for even the most cash-strapped business. Wireless Backhaul allows connections between two separate facilities without wires. We have products that can link facilities separated by almost 15 miles. Going wireless removes the cost traditionally used for telecom private networking. If you have a campus and need to connect buildings, our Wireless Backhaul solution can provide up to 1Gbps data throughput.

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