Recommended Apps

Here are a list of Apps that we think would be great for your Shopify store:
Free Gift: Offer your customers a Free Gift with Purchase using their simple graphical interface. Text Connects can install and configure your app in 1 hour.

Drift - Communicate with your customers, even when you are away, all starting for FREE with Drift. 

Klaviyo - Upgrade your email marketing and automations with Klaviyo. Using advanced metrics, including Browse Abandoned, you can selectively target EXACTLY who you want to market to.

Parcelify - Complex shipping rates are no longer an issue with Parcelify. Custom rates for different SKUs or Zipcodes are a breeze to setup using the Parcelify App. 

Return Magic - Stop wasting hours of your days managing your return and exchange programs. Return Magic handles all the paperwork and mailing labels without your team needing to touch a single thing.

DataFeedWatch - When your Google Data Feed or your Facebook Data Feed needs advanced functionality, bring in DFW. Specify the exact images you want to send, along with grouping items and adding additional categories without editing your store's products