Shopify Store Audit

Let Text Connects review your Shopify Store for any user experience issues and report back. The $250 fee can be applied towards any fixes you wish for Text Connects to complete on your store.

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Shopify Store Audit



A Shopify What?

A Shopify Audit is a way for established online retailers to gain further understanding of their store. Using our experience in the E-Commerce space, we are able to list out problems or changes that can help you gain more sales.


Can't I do that myself?

Building an online store is like teaching someone to drive. Sometimes you get too close to your store and you can't see past your pre-conceived feelings. We have no investment in your store - allowing an unbiased look at your site.


How long does an audit take?

Our store audits average about a week from start to finish. After we complete your store audit we send a full list of each change we suggest. We then have a quick 30-60 minute web conference to show you all the changes and describe what is a higher priority. 


What do you check?

Some of the areas we check include:

  • Verify Google Analytics is installed correctly
  • Test various sizes of your store, on phones, tablets and desktop computers
  • Add items to the cart and remove them
  • Test that the checkout works
  • Create a user account, log in, and reset the password
  • Look at product listings for photos missized
  • Look for typos and grammatical errors
  • Verify shipping rates are setup correctly
  • Make a full backup of your Shopify Themes
  • and many more items.


All work is done by Text Connects with all employees based in the US. 

Text Connects is a Shopify Partner

Text Connects is a Shopify Partner