Postmark Inbound

Class library for Postmark

Postmark, is a transactional email provider. Unlocking email for developers without the need for complex setups and configurations. Text Connects uses Postmark for our Express Send confirmation emails. During our development of Express Send we open sourced the inbound portion of our codebase, allowing any developer to harness the power of inbound emails. Below is a sample of how the system works:

Dim parser As New postmark_inbound.postmark_inbound  
Dim Email_object As mail_object = parser.ParseInbound(HttpContext.Current.Request.InputStream)  
// C#  
postmark_inbound.postmark_inbound parser = new postmark_inbound.postmark_inbound();  
mail_object Email_object = parser.ParseInbound(HttpContext.Current.Request.InputStream);  



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