E-Commerce Support Services

E-commerce platforms offer 24/7 technical support but, like many other industries, have recently been supplying answers via AI (Artificial Intelligence) and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). As a new or experienced store operations person, you may not have the time or technical know-how to obtain the best level of support.

While referring customer service queries to online FAQs has been a standard solution for a long, long time, the rapidly evolving world of AI presents new challenges (and opportunities, too). Even the selection of the appropriate AI model and tool requires specialized knowledge.

Text Connects provides our clients with a true white-glove service, where we will work with your team and the E-commerce vendor to make sure your store is running the way your company requires. We have over eight years of experience with Shopify. Having grown with the platform, we can answer a lot of questions without the need to talk with Support. When you have an issue that may require support, we can explain in great detail (technical if necessary) the issue occurring and the steps required to fix the issue—allowing for a faster response and closing of the support ticket.