IRS Shopify Store Audits

Sorry about that scare!!!

Unless you are running your cash through the Cayman Islands, you’re probably safe. [Editor's note: that’s Text Connects, not Tax Connects. Text Connects and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. We use, as they say in Breaking Bad, “The Quicken” for everything.]

Now, if you have ever wanted to take the pulse of your Shopify Store and get a real arms-around assessment of how your store is performing, then you have come to the right place.

Text Connects now offers a comprehensive Store Audit for any Shopify Store you have. It’s a soup-to-nuts audit that includes:

While some of the processes we utilize in the Store Audit are automated, this report is based directly on your store. Not cookie cutter (or Chat-GPT-generated) advice. We take our time to make sure this “bespoke” audit is on point and driven by our collective years of successful experience in working with more than 300 Shopify Stores. Need a bit more convincing? Take a look at a sample report we’ve created for your review here.

Want to get a Store Audit started or learn more? Just pop us a quick message here and we’ll be in touch soon.