“Roses are red, violets are blue, Shopify is sweet, and so are you.”

A Valentine for Shopify

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, the Text Connects team put together this list of the top 10 reasons we love Shopify. And maybe you should, too.

Before we get to our Valentine list though, just a couple of reminders about the impact Shopify has on e-commerce around the world. 

Yes, it’s a behemoth and powers nearly 5 million websites globally.

It’s a magnet for e-commerce buyers with about 2.1 million active daily users.

“The Street” loves SHOP: 17/19 analysts rate the stock a Strong Buy, Buy or Hold

It slayed 2023 BFCM weekend with peak sales per minute of $4.2 million. Per minute!

As you read on you’ll see we love “counting the ways” we love Shopify. But, truth be told, keeping it to just 10 caused some consternation around our offices. Don’t forget, we’ve got developers and others that are dedicated to working on other platforms like BigCommerce and WooCommerce. We will never abandon other platforms in our work.

Feel free to crunch on some “Be Mine” candy hearts as you read on.

10 Reasons We Love Shopify

Romantic Reliability: uptime of 99.999% over BFCM

Sweet Scalability: designed to handle 80,000 requests per second

  • Unforgettable Universality: supports 20 languages, 133 currencies, in 175 countries
  • Adorable Apps: over 8,000 available for nearly every area you’d like to tweak
  • Matchless Mobility: 100s of responsive themes to meet customers where they shop
  • Passionate Payments: Shopify, PayPal, Apple Pay,  Amazon Pay, Crypto & more
  • Ecstatic Ease-of-Use: for both merchants & shopper; first-store-launch in hours
  • Seductive Support: live chat, telephone, email, Community Forum & more - free 24/7
  • Moonstruck Multi-Channel: integration & “Buy Buttons” on multiple platforms
  • Poetic POS: POS solutions integrate online with brick-and-mortar (inventory, too)

Whether you already love Shopify like we do or you’re considering migrating to Shopify, it might be just time to pick a daisy and say, “Shopify loves me, Shopify loves me not . . .”

Happy Valentine’s Day Shopify!