Ready! Fire! Aim! The Holidays Have Begun!

We really aren’t advocating that you execute (get it?) your holiday sales plans without thinking them through. You do not want to “aim” before you “fire.” But as they say in old movies, it is time to “make haste.”

Here are some tips to keep you centered, focused, even optimistic:

First, don’t panic. Many tried and true online retailers are not promoting any special sales or discounting until Black Friday.

Second, breathe. Realize right this minute, things are going to happen to try and derail (sorry, rail is kind of a bad word right now), err, mess with your plans. There will be issues and mistakes, but you can handle whatever comes your way.

Third, treat your customers like royalty (rhymes with loyalty). Of course, you know where your bread is buttered and always take care of your customers. This season they will take a special kind of care. A few things to note:

  • Make it right for the customer! The only role right now that is worse than being an online seller, is being a customer! Remember that. Your kindness, your workarounds, your ability to bend your rules will be appreciated by customers.
  • Tell ‘em and tell ‘em again. Tell customers on your site, on contact forms, tell them on the phone, tell them in live chat, even emails in your ticketing system, that it may take a while for some issues to be resolved during this hectic season. And keep your promises.
  • Inform the front lines! It’s easy in our haste (we kinda like that word) to forget fundamentals. NOW and through the holidays, a well-informed customer service rep or hotline helper can make a customer’s nightmare into a dreamy experience.

    Your CS team and anyone who is a point-of-contact for customers should be well versed, and have cheat sheets, on active sales and discounts (and begin and end dates). Things could be changing by the minute, have a playbook ready and keep your team informed of changes as quick as a bunny.

    Remember, remember, remember, your point-of-contact staff are, in every sense of the phrase, your point of sale! Keep them pumped!

Our motto, maybe it will become our hashtag, is Don’t be Manic and Don’t Panic.

Does your mood need some additional bolstering? Here's a surprising headline from a recent national survey:

Nearly Half Of Americans Enjoy Holiday Advertising; A Third Say It Puts Them In A Festive Mood.

That’s all we needed to hear!