Santa Says, “Screw the Supply Chain!”

  • Santa Says, “Forget the Supply Chain, Order Now”!
  • Get Your Dreidel On--Early
  • Is Your Kinara Ready For Kwanzaa?
  • There’s No Boxing Day Without A Box--Shop Now!
  • Rudolph Has Your Back--Start Shopping Today
  • Order Hanukkah Presents Today. Don’t Forget the Gelt.
  • Shop Early--Our Elves Are Unloading the Container Ships Now
  • It’s An In-Person Thanksgiving! Dress To Impress!
  • In-Person Thanksgiving! Dress To Impress (Not Depress)

However you word it, whatever seasonal holiday you are promoting, it’s time to tease with your holiday sales. Now.

Every year the Black Friday sales start earlier and earlier. This year will be another early one, plus some supply chain and COVID anxieties thrown on top.

Big box retailers are already holding sales, turning mark-downs into Merry Christmases, and previewing fantastically priced offers to get customers to salivate yearn for what’s going to be the “big deal”--and a “big deal” for your giftees.

You can help lessen some of those customer anxieties by encouraging them to shop early and promising good deals.

You do NOT need to frighten people with shipping port gridlock scenarios or visions of elves on strike. People get it, you just want to tease them, in a good way.

Here’s a few random themes to give a kickstart to your own thinking.

  • Promote a month of sales in November so customers see the opportunities
  • Very simple, weekly sales work well
  • Don’t forget, free shipping or gift with purchase
  • Instagram post of the free gift!
  • Love this one: preview items on landing pages without ability
  • to purchase or with a timeclock built in
  • Back-in-stock options
  • Gift yourself! Who doesn’t deserve it?!?
  • Not too early to deck the halls--buy early for holiday meetups
  • “Trick out” my table. [It will get customers in the right mood!]
  • Clothing for that in person holiday--it’s been a while :-)
  • Important: tweak delivery dates to give yourself more flexibility

Don’t forget. Things could be worse.

As financial pundit Al Root wrote in a Barron’s article on October 21, 2021, titled, “Apple and Amazon Were Slammed By Shortages. Here’s the Good News in the Bad”:

Still, there is a silver lining: The economy has a supply problem, not a demand problem.
A supply problem is much better than a demand one. The former is annoying, but the latter causes recessions.

Keep the faith!