Shopify Automated Testing Grid

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Shopify Automated Testing Grid

Even a well-designed and coded e-commerce site can have its glitches. It’s like doing an inventory in your physical warehouse. Did you search and find every single item that you have ever had in inventory? Or made sure that the dress set with the coordinated belt can be matchy matchy?

The Text Connects team has been working hard to create a new system of automated checks/tests on our Shopify store builds. Taking notes from other systems, we pair Selenium Grid (a powerful browser testing tool) with BrowserStack and other internally developed tools. All are set up in tandem to test your Shopify store for common issues and errors automatically.

With so many options, we pick the best tests for YOUR store:

  • Add-to-Cart Button enabled on products in-stock
  • Add-to-Cart Button disabled on products out of stock
  • Product Customization fields show in the correct order
  • Product Color images/swatches are loading
  • Paired and Linked Separate Products show on the consolidated Product Page
  • Tabbed Product Page shows the correct details in each tab
  • The product page shows the right number of options/variants

Touch base with your developers on this one: Automated Testing can be combined with a GitHub Action (if needed) or when a new theme is published on your store. Tests can also be manually triggered based on a sale ending or starting or just because you want to run a test today.

Why Test your Shopify Store?

Manual testing works well, but it has some disadvantages. The most prominent issue is that you can only test a small subset of products from your store. Automated tests, like ours, will programmatically test EVERY product in your store, whether it’s hundreds or thousands of SKUs.

On one client store, we ran our first Automated Test and found a single item (out of 5,000 products) with a new size that was never supposed to be offered. The product was from the first year the store was operating and on the last page of every collection. The chances that any manual testing would encounter that product were almost non-existent. Yet, our testing protocol picked it up in less than 3 hours!

Contact the Text Connects Team to learn more about our Automated Testing Suite.

Here’s to you passing every test!