Shopify POS - Summer 2024 Editions Updates

One-Tap Digital Receipts

If a customer is recognized as a SHOP PAY user, they will be presented with their email / phone number to text, on the POS GO terminal to access their receipt. No manually typing that out!

When someone selects a digital receipt, they can opt-in to marketing, right from the receipt selection screen.

Note, you have to enable this functionality - so go to your Admin, click on Point of Sale in the SALES CHANNEL List, and then select SETTINGS / Customer Receipt Selection and check the box.

Staff Attribution

If you want to track sales metrics across your team, you can now enable Staff Attribution on every POS order. No longer losing that detail when someone accidentally forgets to add the sales team - or, even better, you can have it automatically select the staff member at the register to associate the sale with.

Return Rules

Add additional checks to make sure that return is valid, taking away the manual mental calculations of determining eligibility.

If the return is past the window, anyone with MANAGER-level access can override the return on their screen.