Shopify Subscription Shipping Update

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Shopify Shipping Changes Announced

Starting June 7, 2024, Shopify began rolling out changes to their subscription shipping offerings. Changes seem to still be rolling out to stores, as of June 13, 2024 - but they are coming!

What has changed?

Shopify in the past has had trouble with subscription shipping—especially the first shipment in a series. Sometimes, a user would pick a faster shipping method, but the merchant in the order would only ever see STANDARD SHIPPING. Now, Shopify has split the shipping rates into two options—First Shipment, Recurring Shipments. The First Shipment allows a customer to select any available shipping rate for their package, as if they were not ordering it as a subscription. Then, the Recurring Shipments will ship with the least expensive option in your shipping rates.

The changes to checkout will really help a lot of merchants manage their orders. View the details from Shopify.


  • Shopify is now splitting subscriptions into First Shipment / Recurring Shipments
  • First Shipments will allow the consumer to select ANY shipping rate for their package, including EXPRESS options
  • Recurring Shipments will ONLY select the cheapest shipping option available at time of purchase - no selection available