Shopify Winter 2024

Shopify’s Newest App Releases

Shopify Combined Listings App (Learn More)

We are excited about Shopify’s new increased variant limits, but it may be a slow roll-out. In the meantime, we are always looking for ways to work around Shopify’s variant limitation. Typically, to manage that, we have to actually update the theme and do some magic on the backend to make everything link together and work as if it is a single product–when in reality it is multiple products that are linked via a metafield or tag.

Now Shopify has released the Combined Listings App–FREE!--that allows one to link products together in admin and make combined products with many colors and sizes. Each color is a separate product in Shopify.

To make it even better, doing this actually helps SEO on your Shopify store.

Shopify Subscriptions (Learn More)

Finally in general release, Shopify Subscriptions allows merchant to run very simple subscriptions on their store–for FREE!

The Shopify Subscriptions app is pretty basic right now. It doesn’t allow a ton of customizations, but for a smaller store or a store testing out subscriptions, it is a great way to dip your toe into the subscription water.

Additional Feature Releases We’reKeeping an Eye On

Checkout Address Validation: -reduce entry errors on checkout and more successful deliveries

Store Credit: Enable your team to issue store credit outside of a Gift Card

Shopify POS Updates: Includes the ability to fulfill online orders in Store with the new Ship-from-Store feature

Shopify Bundles: Now bundle up to 30 products in the Bundling App

Draft Orders: Now supports discount codes and metafields (custom orders are a lot easier now!)

We’ll keep you posted as things “develop” (get it?!)