Text Connects becomes a Shopify Expert


Yesterday was an awesome day at the Text Connects office, we obtained our Shopify Expert Status. 


What does that mean?

A Shopify Expert is a business that has shown expertise in working on E-Commerce sites built on the Shopify Platform. We have done some amazing things on Shopify and can't wait to see what else can be done on their platform.


Wait, what is Shopify?

About ten years ago companies would pay for online e-commerce software. Then, you would need to setup web hosting, install the software, configure all the security settings, manage new products and then continually manage the software and web hosting layer. 

With Shopify, a business owner can stop worrying about the backend and web hosting; focusing on the products and services they offer.


Shopify Web Developer Expert

Shopify Web Developer Experts turn big ideas into fully-functioning shops with theme modifications and custom apps.


Shopify Setup Experts

Shopify Setup Experts will help you successfully launch your business online or seamlessly migrate your shop from another platform.


We can help your business

Send us a message or give a call to learn more about previous apps and development work performed on Shopify. Let your imagination run wild on the Shopify Platform.