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Hint: We know e-commerce
Why choose Text Connects?

Stop spending money on security updates
PCI Compliance Standard

Your store should be 100% secure at all times. That is why we only launch stores on the Shopify E-Commerce Platform. Shopify hosts and audits every store for issues and fixes the security issue - before you even notice.

I want control
Total Control of your Store

Text Connects provides training with every store launch. Giving merchants the confidence to run their online store without question. Text Connects is always there in case you have questions.

I want a new feature
Development Ready

When launching your store, you want it to do everything your business needs. Text Connects specializes in custom developed software for Shopify!

Hint: runs on Shopify
How good is Shopify?

Shopify has been great to our clients, but we wanted to make sure you knew how invested we are with Shopify. So, with that in mind we decided to launch (this very site) onto Shopify. That's right; we are running our whole website on Shopify. Take a look around and see how great it runs - we will wait :-).

Simple and Easy to manage stores

The Shopify Management portal is where your business runs. It is so easy to use, we have trained people over 60 on it in less than a week.

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