Security Disclosure

We take security seriously at Text Connects, with that in mind we have created the following security disclosure program. 

We, Text Connects:

  1. Agree not to bring suit against you, recommend law enforcement investigation, or cooperate with law enforcement investigation, if your disclosure meets the criteria listed in this section;
  2. Request that you give us a reasonable time (usually not to exceed 90 days) before publicly disclosing specific details of the vulnerability;
  3. Request to be provided with an appropriate level of detail on the vulnerability to allow us to identify and reproduce the issue. Detail should include target URLs, request/response pairs, screenshots, and/or other relevant information;
  4. Agree to confirm, within a reasonable time, receipt of your disclosure (such as 3 days) and the validity of your disclosure (such as 10 days);
  5. Request that you vulnerability research not create service disruption (e.g. DoS), privacy issues (i.e. accessing a customer's data), or data destruction, within a reasonable effort.


Disclosure Methods:

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