Shopify API Development

Text Connects has years of experience writing applications for the Shopify ecosystem. Whether you need a simple application or a complex series of linked apps - Text Connects can help you.


Previous Projects

Customer Registration

Shopify provides limited customer data on sign-up. A wholesale client needed business information, along with sales tax and use certifications. Text Connects was able to build a powerful system, with account approvals built-in.

Activation Server

On the Text Connects site, we needed a way to provision license keys for our Express Send software. Digging into our experience we were able to create a seamless (and hands off) method of issuing license information. This application is also being implemented with our NDVI client on their website. We plan on releasing this application to the Shopify App store very shortly. Contact Us if you want to beta test the Activation System.

Barcoded Fulfillment System

One of our clients was having over 90% of their orders ship with the wrong items. During the transition to Shopify Text Connects custom built a fulfillment application. The application runs on custom specified Windows Tablets with a barcode scanner. Less than 10% of orders are now shipping with the wrong item.