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Meet Express Send

A small, simple photo uploader for Zenfolio.

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  Works on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10
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what is express send?

Express Send is a small, simple photo uploader for Zenfolio. Right clicking on any folder or photo will allow you to quickly send photos to your online portfolio. Express Send Plus will even generate the galleries, matching them to your folder structure.

comparison of editions

Plus Edition Free Edition
Upload from Windows Explorer
Photo Upload Monitoring
Pause and Resume Uploads
Copy Gallery link after upload
Folder to Gallery Uploads
Upload via Command Line
Scheduled Uploads
Upload Videos
Support Email/Phone
Buy Plus Version for $10 Download Free Version


Secured By Comodo and Stripe. All communication is sent via SSL.

The Express Send application only talks to Text Connects when activating your license (only your email address, activation key, and public IP address are sent), and when you send the application log files to support. Your Zenfolio login credentials are stored locally on your computer if you choose to save them. When we store your login information we encrypt the details so no one can sneak a peek at them.

Have a question related to security? Contact our support team - Support Portal

Purchasing Express Send Plus? We take many security steps to keep your payment details private. Using our payment provider Stripe, we only receive the last 4 digits of your credit card number and if it was approved or denied. All credit card information is transmitted directly from your browser to Stripe - it never touches our network. Learn more about Stripe's security practices here: https://stripe.com/help/security


Can't figure something out with Express Send? Head over to our Support Portal. We have many how to guides and helpful hints.


Kaleb S posted on 11/4/2015

Express Send is a fantastic piece of software. On top of that, the support staff is amazingly responsive

David R posted on 11/3/2015

It is simple, quick, convenient and reliable, and at an unbeatable r.

Sunil K posted on 12/31/2014

Carol C posted on 11/23/2014

Application works well

Clinton B posted on 10/20/2014

Having crashing issues if I have more than 1500 images to upload. I want the abality to upload 20,000 if needed at one shot.

Tena W posted on 9/8/2014

Alowin M posted on 6/19/2014

The program is handy, but rather minimalist - it is not purely intuitive. Some explanation of the functioning (eg. scheduling, automatic naming of subfolders) could be in a pop up or context help menu. It has crashed on several occasions, where I have needed to go find out what had been done and what was left to be done, but it does the job fairly well overall without intervention after you have started it (and some of the alternatives for uploading to Zenfolio are worse or not even working). Finally, it would be handy if one could interrupt (not just cancel) the program, in order to continue later or choose a priority level (so the upload does not interfere with other internet uses).

Joshua B posted on 5/16/2014

The only hole in my workflow was a way to send many pictures to Zenfolio at one time and retain the folder structure.

Jorge L posted on 5/6/2014

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